mobile website design hosting


Your mobile website is only a few steps a way.
Step 1.

We are a little more hands on with setup to ensure the integrity of the information that we put in the msite system. Here is the registration form were we collect all the basic information.

How much is it?

This website is only $19.99/month and we accept all major credit cards and paypal. We have a $99 Setup fee to cover our time to evaluate your details and to review the website setup with you.

Do you offer customization?

We do and we collect your requirements and provide you with an estimate.

Step 2. What do you have to do?

Once we have setup your site and you have proofed the setup. You will need to have a device sniffer installed on your current website. We list a few deveice detection scripts at the bottom of this page. THATS IT!

How will I make changes?

We will provide you with an administration page once the website is live where you may edit your content.

What About support?

We recommend that you use our knowledge base first. If you are not able to find an answer your may email us at support @

How does a mobile website work?

A mobile website is designed for mobile devices. It is typically lighter in design and complexity to ensure that it loads quikly and presents relevant information for the mobile user. The mobile detection script is placed on your website and checks for browsers vs mobile devices. This can also look at screen size of te browser to redirect to the proper website. We provie you with some options for this implimentation.

Tracking your mobile website is easy.

We can place a tracking pixel or your google analytics script into the mobile website where you can track your traffic on the mobile website.

The URL is not important for the mobile website.

Your current URL will redirect to your msite instance for mobile websites. If you require a {NAME} URL one can be provided for you or you can have a DNS record added on your side to CNAME something like http://m.{yourURL}.com. This will require a small setup fee if you require a url for the website other wise the code we give you in the sniffer will ensure we display the correct mobile website.

Are tracking phone number available?

Yes we can provide you with a local number or an 800 number to track your mobile website actions. We track all instances of leads through this service so you can see where you business is coming from. If you would like to track you website ask us for details.

Is this integrated with Spark Lead Management?

Yes we have content filters and protections in place as well as validation codes to stop a lot of the form spam as well as track when ever the website is used to show you activity from your investment.

Mobile website are becoming an essential part of your online strategy

50% of all local searches in the last year were on a mobile device. Thats a big audience not to provide a better user expereince.

Is this mobile website HTML5

Yes, is HTML5 Compliant. You may view the validation here

Redirection script

This is a very simple Javascript version that looks at screen size. You can place this on your home page or on every page depending on your objective. You will need to get your {ID} from Us

<script type=”text/javascript”>
if (screen.width <= 700) {
window.location = “{ID}”;

Her is a link to the PHP script phpredirect

For be results be sure that the redirection happens before the page content is rendered.